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Racerij algemeen
Besides being a mechanic Carl is also an experienced and well known racer. For over the past 28 years Carl has been a racing instructor at TT in Assen where he teaches young racers the driving skills to become a good and experienced racer like himself.

After 8 years of silence, Carl got back on the bike in 2008 and won the Ducati Club Race!

Ducati Clubrace 2011

Een prachtige paddock, zelfs met bandenapparaat.

Van alle gemakken voorzien.

Jammer dat er geen geluid bij foto's zit...

Ducati Clubrace 2009
Carl during the Ducati Club Race on 3 May 2009 in Desmoquattro class ridden. Carl started on the 11th position on the 749R. Just like last year it rained pretty and unfortunately this time four riders cases. After a restart, Carl first came across the line. After adjustment of the times of the early rounds, Carl on stage came in third place!

Artikel in De Stentor van 4 mei 2009

500Km race op Assen 2008
Carl on 29 September 2008 drove the 500 km race. With a team of three is driven on the circuit of Assen and Carl has consistently put down a lap time of 1.55. Below are some pictures of this day.

Overwinning in 2008
Carl during the Ducati Club Race May 25, 2008 again rode eight years no longer on track to have been. In Desmoquattro Carl at the 20th position launched his Ducati 749R. In the pouring rain is Carl from the 20th place in a round in second place landed! A further round Carl rode on head what the rest of the race has not changed. Carl has thus won the first place. Below are some pictures to find which give an impression of the race.

De kwalificatie op zaterdag 24 mei 2008:

De race op zondag 25 mei 2008:

Artikel in De Stentor van 30 mei 2008

Overwinningen in het verleden
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