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Dealer / Leverancier
Although the Ducati Ducati dealer is not expert, all Ducati parts supplied. Wear-and maintenance parts such as filters, brake pads, belts and such are usually in stock for fast work and delivery times to avoid. Sending and ordering parts is done once a week on Mondays! Besides wearing parts are of course also other original Ducati parts supply.

3*D Special Parts
There are stainless steel engineprotectors in stock. There protectors, protect the engine against the drive chain. This will be mounted in front of the small drive sprocket. It can be mounted on almost every engine. From M600 to 1098

3xD Engineprotectors €20,00
3xD Engineprotectors including assembly on your engine €22,50
3xD Accu acharger DUCATI RED!!!


Obviously 3xD also supply and fit tires.
We Dunlop dealer!
We also Conti dealer!
Even so for tires AUTO! (Delivered)
Brands like: Michelin, Pirelli and Dunlop are in stock in sizes 120 and 160, 180 190.

Michelin Pilot Power 2CT tires from €350,00 including fitting and balancing.
Michelin Pilot Road 3 Tyre from €360,00 incl fitting and balancing.
Michelin Power Pure 2CT tires €360,00 including fitting and balancing.
Michelin Pilot Power €306,00 incl kit (mounting on the engine, balancing and disposal).
Pirelli Corsa sports tires from €350.00 including fitting and balancing.
Pirelli Corsa Rossa kit 350 euro including fitting and balancing.
Dunlop Qualifier sport tires from €306.00 including fitting and balancing.
Bridstone BT 014 120-190 kit for €255,00 including fitting and balancing.
Conti attacking race and street kit in stock now €265,00 including fitting and balancing!
Conti Road Attac 2 set €306,00 including fitting and balancing and T shirt!
Conti Sport Attac 2 set after March €306,00 wheels (set) incl fitting and balancing and T shirt!
Conti Motion for 750 and 600 models (120/60-17 and 160/60-17) kit €255,00 including fitting and balancing!
For 190 tires €10,00 more.
All prices are excl disposal fee, per tire €5,00 (except as stated behind).

Price assemble:
15,00 montage-/balanceerkosten when purchasing a tire (loose wheel: read 1 wheel) (exclusive of disposal, it is 5 euros per tire) uiteraad are also tires mounted on other brand motorcycles. When the self-supply of a tire for mounting the hourly rate of €61,20 counted.
Also, any liability to bring your own tires (if by production errors vd band and leaks).
Loose wheels 15 euro per tire, bridgestone tires €5,00 surcharge, also during disassembly.

Mitas off-road tyres

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